Our founding principles remain our most valuable assets

With so many options for investing, it is crucial to align your strategy with your overall financial objectives. And, when working with a financial advisor, it is equally important to assess whether your philosophies and priorities are a good match. Keeping the following principles at the forefront of our work, allows us to do what is best for our clients.

I Aligned Interests

We are fee-only wealth managers, receiving no compensation based on product sales

Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients; we are legally required to act in their best interests

We invest alongside our clients as do our portfolio managers

II Financial Flexibility

We strive to develop financial plans which can be adapted to changes in client goals and objectives

The investments we make don’t lock our clients in, allowing us to respond to market conditions

We focus on helping to create a simplified financial life for our clients

III Disciplined Management

Emotions can lead investors astray

Perseverance yields better results over time

We emphasize consistent asset allocations regardless of market conditions

IV Shared Knowledge

We believe knowledgeable clients are the best clients

We work to create an atmosphere where any question can be asked

We share details of our thought process, not just the decision

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