As our business continues to grow, we are thrilled to announce that Marissa Fierston has joined the firm as part of our family’s third generation serving FFG’s clients. A 2020 graduate of Elon University, Marissa arrives at Fierston Financial Group after spending four years with Vanguard in Charlotte, North Carolina. Upon graduating Elon, she was selected to join the prestigious Emerging Leader Development Program before accepting a full-time role as Chief of Staff for the Head of Advisor Solutions. Marissa is enthusiastic about all there is to learn in her new role and will begin her career at FFG providing professional service to FFG’s clients and supporting our operational team. As Seth shared, “We are very excited about Marissa’s arrival and her eagerness to work with our clients. We recognize how rare it is for an organization to have three generations of family involved, and how meaningful it is to maintain the tradition.”

Marissa joins her father Brian, uncle Seth, and cousin Will as the fourth Fierston in the FFG office. Regarding his daughter’s arrival, Brian said, “The pride and joy I felt when Will joined as the first member of our third generation a couple years ago is compounded with Marissa’s arrival. I have obviously thought about the prospect of working with my children many times over the years and to have it become a reality is extremely special for all of us.”

To help introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to Marissa, we conducted a brief Q&A. We hope you get the chance to speak with Marissa for yourselves soon!

What brought you to a career in wealth management?

As you can imagine, my father Brian played a big role in my interest in wealth management; it’s something that my family has done for decades. While studying Finance at Elon, I accepted a summer internship at Vanguard which was the launch point for my career.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I’m excited to work in-office at a small company. I am enjoying working closely with my colleagues and learning from those around me. This extends to my interactions with clients. At Vanguard, my work was often “behind the scenes.” I’m looking forward to working with FFG’s clients directly.

How have you found the adjustment from Charlotte, NC to West Hartford, CT?

Good! I’m still doing the things I loved in Charlotte like workout classes and trying new restaurants. I’m also getting involved with new activities – namely FFG’s rec softball team.

What’s it like working with your Dad, Uncle, and Cousin?

So far so good. I’m lucky to work with my family every day.

You’ve only been here for a few weeks, but are there any aspects of the job that you find particularly fulfilling?

With FFG being a boutique firm, I can see the direct impact of my work and I enjoy helping our clients. I am already building relationships with many, and I look forward to meeting the rest.

What advice would you give to someone looking to switch roles in their mid 20s?

While at Vanguard, I was fortunate to have amazing mentors who took me under their wings. My advice would be to find people who you trust, respect, and can be candid with. They will be an invaluable resource as you navigate your career. When I was contemplating a new role one of my mentors suggested I make a list of things I enjoyed doing professionally and things I did not. That conversation and exercise helped guide me through several transitions.

How does your previous experience translate into your new role?

Vanguard’s Emerging Leader Development Program consisted of four, six month rotations across several divisions. I spent time servicing retail clients, working with Vanguard’s internal advisors, and facilitated an enterprise wide Service Model update. Given FFG’s size, my adaptability and familiarity with multiple parts of the industry will serve me well.

What does it mean to you to be part of the business’ third generation?

I come to work every day with an immense sense of gratitude and pride. I’m amazed at what my grandfather, father, and uncle have built – literally from the ground up. They were at the forefront of the growing Registered Investment Advisor industry.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

When I accepted the position of Chief of Staff, one of my peers, a Navy veteran, told me “You’re going to have a lot of plates spinning and inevitably one will fall. Make sure the one that falls is plastic.”

What is your ideal day outside of work?

A mid-morning Pilates class followed by a long walk. Afterwards I would link up with some friends for an Aperol Spritz on our favorite patio.

Favorite food?

Squid Ink Pasta from Treva in West Hartford.




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